Public Health Department

Director: Sue Hansen BSN RN shansen@beaverheadcounty.org

Public Health Nurse: Lindy Walker lwalker@beaverheadcounty.org

Public Health Assistant: Lilia Guillen-Sanchez BS MA lguillen@beaverheadcounty.org

Contact Information

Public Health Department
Mail/Physical: 41 Barrett Street
Dillon, Montana 59725
Telephone: 406-683-4771
FAX: 406-683-3188


 Beaverhead County Public Health is committed to promote physical and mental health and prevent disease, injury, and disability for Beaverhead County citizens. We keep the public healthy by assessing the community’s health needs. We work closely with many agencies to develop the best policies to meet those needs.

Essential Public Health Services:

Beaverhead County Public Health Services:

Beaverhead City-County Health Board:

Dr. Megan Evans: Health Officer
Crissie Hansen: County Appointment
Dave Spehar: City of Dillon Appointment
Marty Malesich: City of Dillon Appointment
Carla Weidinger: Town of Lima Appointment
Commissioner Garth Haugland: Elected, County Appointment
Julie Ingram: County Appointment

Technical Advisors to the Health Board:

Sue Hansen RN: Public Health Director
Tom Wagenknecht: DES/Sanitarian
Lanie Jones: Sanitarian
Carol Kennedy RN: Barrett Hospital Chief Clinical Officer


Health Board Minutes:


2015 Beaverhead County, MT
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