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Beaverhead County is in the process of evaluating existing road names and address numbers throughout the County. The Beaverhead County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Rural Addressing Department, under the direction of the Beaverhead County Commission, Ordinance 2000-4, is in the process of naming roads, renaming roads where necessary, and readdressing driveways to State of Montana Standards and Enhanced 911 National Emergency Numbering Association (NENA) guidelines.

The major purpose of this change will be to facilitate the easy and rapid location of properties by law enforcement, fire protection services, search and rescue and emergency medical services to protect public health and safety of all persons living, working or visiting in Beaverhead County. According to County Ordinance 2000-4 your address number must be clearly posted at your driveway, or on you house. To provide the location of a caller, your telephone number must be linked to a physical address that clearly identifies the location of that telephone. The name, address and phone number of the telephone used to dial 911 will be displayed on a computer screen at the Beaverhead County Dispatch Center, providing directions to your location.

In an emergency-- time is essential, make your structure easy to locate!

Why is my road name being changed?
We are trying to keep this to a minimum, but some names may need to be changed. Duplicate road names, and similar sounding names, can cause serious life-threatening delays in response time by emergency service personnel. Standardization is necessary to reduce the chance that response time for emergency responders may be delayed if a location is not readily identifiable by the caller or dispatcher. This process will identify and rename these problem roads.

New roads are normally named by the residents or by the developer of a subdivision. The GIS office will verify any proposed road name and make sure the name is not already in use within Beaverhead County and then the GIS office will approve or deny the request.

Why are some driveways named?
Beaverhead County Ordinance 2000-4 states -all roads that serve three or more residences will be named whether the ownership is public or private. Assigning a name to a private drive does not mean that Beaverhead County will maintaining the road or that the rural mail carrier will deliver mail to the houses on that road. It is still a private road; it just has an official road name to make location by emergency vehicles easier.

Beaverhead County will provide and install road name signs on private lanes.

How are address numbers issued?
Beaverhead County uses the “Frontage Interval System” of addressing exercising a measured system based on actual road distances to determine your address number. Numbers are assigned at an interval of 1000 per mile; therefore, a structure located one mile down a road would have the address of 1000. Even numbers are assigned to the right hand side of the road and odd numbers are assigned to the left hand side of the road. Left and right are determined by driving the road from the beginning or 0 address to the end on the road. Numbering with this format mentally gives the responder a firm idea how far they must travel to reach your location.

NOTE: Some roads in Beaverhead County do begin with an address of 1000; these roads are noted at the Dispatch center. This means that if you live one mile down a road on the right hand side your address will be 2000.

How may we assist you?
We realize that these changes will create an inconvenience and we will work with you in whatever capacity we can to make the transition more pleasant. The GIS Department will provide address change notification to the following:

Montana Department of Revenue Your communications providers
United States Post Office Beaverhead County Elections

Utility companies are requiring physical addresses before they will perform any new utility work. Please call a few days prior to you needing an address so we can be sure of providing you with a correct address.

Rural addressing is only for the residents that live outside of the city limits of Dillon and Lima.

GIS Department

GIS provides the tools necessary to aid county government in providing its essential services to the county residents in the most effective and efficient manner. This department also assists with department needs analysis and develops applicable mapping.

Maps containing various types of information for Beaverhead county are available for a nominal charge to the public. Please refer to the “Map Price List” for details.

Beaverhead County Map Price List


Add the school district map, fire district map, township map, ownership map, commissioner district map and water features here. They are the tif.

The Montana Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) has lots of different maps and information pertaining to Montana and Beaverhead County, find them at:


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