Introducing the Beaverhead County Prescription Discount Card

FREE to County Residents!


Dear Beaverhead County Resident:


As costs for medications continue to increase, we are pleased to announce that a FREE BEAVERHEAD COUNTY prescription discount card is now available to you and your family! Thanks to the support of the National Association of Counties, many Beaverhead County residents can save as much as twenty-four percent on prescription medications.


It’s easy to participate with no fees, no forms, no requirements, and no restrictions, regardless of age, income, or health care coverage. There are no costs to the county, county taxpayers, or consumers. Everyone is eligible, and consumers always receive the lowest retail price, saving money if you don’t have insurance, or on medications not covered by insurance.


Best of all, the card is easy to use. The Beaverhead County Prescription Discount Card is accepted at participating pharmacies in counties nationwide. So, whether you are at your local pharmacy or traveling on vacation --Beaverhead County residents can save on prescription medication costs.


Making ends meet these days is especially difficult to do when the cost of gasoline, groceries and medications continue to rise. Pick up your FREE BEAVERHEAD COUNTY Prescription Discount Card today and start saving.



Garth Haugland

C. Thomas Rice
Commissioner Chairman

Michael J. McGinley

Important Information:


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